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Soil Mechanics Apparatus

Product Image (SMA-42)


Price: 20000 INR

AvaiLable From 200kg. To 10000kg. Capacities Tension Compressi0on Proving Rings are having standard ½” (BSF threads) and for measuring tension, 2 Nos. tension rods having male threads at both ends are supplied. For measuring loads in compression these tension rods are removed and the ring can be used in usual way. Works calibration charts for tension and with each ring. Supplied complete with tension rods in a carrying case. Note: We can also supply the following proving Rings. 1) Tension cum compression proving ring upto 10,000kg capacity 2) Double proving rings.

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Price: 35000 INR

Specifications: The apparatus consists of a panel for wall mounting on which are fitted -1.0 to 10 Manometer: Glass U-tube manmeter for measuring low positive pore pressures negative pore pressures and checking zero error of pressure gauge. It is provided with a mercury trap (Mercury supplied at extra cost. Null indicator made out of clear transparent Perspex with mercury trap and cursor to indicate the mercury level.) BURETTE: 50ml Burette for measuring the volume change in the soil specimen. Pressure pump fitted with four sleeve packed valves, Operated by means of a hand wheel on the end of the piston rod which is threaded through the pump cap and gives a smooth, fine adjustment of pressure. Copper coil and water reservoir. The unit is tested against leaks upto 10kg/cm sq.

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Price: 30000 INR

Specifications: • Consists of a torque head adjustable in height by means of a lead screw rotated by a drive whee to enable the vane to be lowered into the specimen. • Rotation of the vane is by means of a hand wheel operates a worm gear arrangement during the upper end of a calibrated torsion spring. • Vance dia, rod dia., vane size & vane height are as per IS specifications. • The Vane shaft is attached through the hollow upper shaft to a reset table pointer, which indicates the angel of torque on a dial graduated in degrees. • The dial reading multiplied by spring factor gives the torque. A container for soil sample is also supplied, and a sampling tube of 38mm I.D. & 150mm long can also be used as container. • Supplied with set of four springs, one each of approx.,,, and Complete as above in a wooden carrying case.

Product Image (SMA-46)


Price: 35000 INR

Specifications: The equipment consists of a torque applicator assembly mounted on a base. A gear wheel, which is marked in degrees, holds a torque ring and is geared to a crank. The torque ring is a split ring and deforms as torque is applied and the deformation is indicated by a dial gauge. A calibration Chart to convert dial gauge reading to torque force in kg cm. is supplied. A pointer is provided for registering the rotation of the vane. A detachable stand is provided to anchor the instrument. An attachment to securely hold the string of rods is provided. The equipment comprises of the followings: Torque applicator assembly capacity 2000kg cm with split proving ring and dial gauge 0.002mm x 5mmcomplete with stand. Vane (with vane rod) 37.5 mm dia. 75mm high………1No. Vane (with vane rod) 50mm dia. x 100mm high………1 No Torque rod (Square cross section) 0.6mtr. long……….1 No Rods, quick coupling type, 1mtr. Long………………..25Nos. Rods, quick coupling type, 1/2mtr. Long……………..10Nos. Dummy rod, corresponding to 37.5 mm dia. vane….…1No Dummy rod, corresponding to 50 mm dia. vane………1No

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Price: 15000 INR

Test Sieves is a common Laboratory requirement. Sieves are used for sieving of chemical powders, medical powders, aggregate, sand soil and cement etc.

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Price: 30000 INR

Specifications: The outfit comprises the following: One loading unit, hand operated 5 tons capacity with two rates of travel. One high sensitivity Proving Ring 250kg. capacity with calibration chart and carrying case. One Dial gauge 0.01mm x 25mm. One Gun metal mould 1000ml. capacity. (100mm dia. x 127/3mm high) with collar and base plate and pair of porous stones 100mm dia. x 12.7mm thick. One Gun metal/brass perforated swell plate 100mm dia x 16mm thick. One spacer 100mm dia. x 12.7mm thick; one load transfer bar and one steel ball. One soaking tank 250mm dia x 210mm high.

Product Image (SMA-49)


Price: 20000 INR

Specifications: • The equipment consists one each of the following: load frame, Hand operated and motorized • Capacity 5000kg. with high and low rates of travel of the lead screw. • Mould made from Gunmetal/Brass, 150mm internal dia. x 175mm high, with perforated base plate and extensioncollar 50mm high. • Penetration piston, face dia. 50mm with adjustable bracket for penetration dial gauge. • Circular metal space disc, 148mm dia. x 47.7mm high. With detachable handle. • Annular metal weight, 2.5k., 147mm dia. with 53mm dia. central hole. • Slotted metal weight, 2.5kg. 147mm dia. with 53 dia. slot. • Perforated plate made of Gun-metal/Brass 148mm dia. with adjustable stem and lock nut and a metal tripod for dial gauge. Cutting collar. Rammer 2.6kg weight with drop of 310mm. Rammer 4.89kg. with drop of 450mm. • Supplied proving ring and dial gauge.

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Price: 25000 INR

Specifications: The instrument comprises of:- A three pillar type load frame on the base of which at the centre is fixed a 10 tone capacity hydraulic jack. With a conical platen at the top of jack. The other conical platen is fixed to the top plate of the frame at its centre. The distance between two conical platens is adjustable by vertical movement of the upper plate of the load frame. Loading jack with integral hand operated pump and a pressure gauge 0-2500kg. x 25kg.

Product Image (SHT 07)


A pressure gauge capacity 0-200KN x 2KN is fixed at the base of jack. A maximum pointer is also provided on the gauge a pair of semi-circular platens for 50mm dia, samples also provided. This instrument can be used in field also. Optional Extras: Pairs of jaws for sample dia. (a) 60mm (b) 70mm (c) 80mm (d) 90mm (e) 100mm.

Product Image (SMA-120)


Price: 15000 INR

SPECIFICATIONS :Wet Sieve Shaker is driven by ¼ H.P. Electric motor through a reduction gear, can carry upto SIX , 6" OR 8" /12" Test Sieves with one setof LID AND Pan .

Product Image (SMA-10)

Soil Permeability Test Apparatus

Price: 35000 INR

The equipment comprises one each: Gun metal mould, 100 mm I.D. x 127.3mm high x 1000ml volume. Gun metal mould extension collar, 100mm dia. x 60mm high for the above mould. Gun metal Drainage base plate with a recess for a porous stone and with an outlet valve.. Gun metal drainage cap (top plate with a recess for a porous stone and fitted with an inlet valve and an air release valve). Gun metal dummy plate to serve as a false bottom during compaction. Porous stone for drainage cap. Porous stone for base plate. Set of glass stand pipes approximately 6mm dia., 10mm dia. and 20mm dia. mounted on a wooden board. Each glass tube is longer than 1 meter and has a secreted end at the bottom. To read water head 2 Nos. meter scales are fixed between the tubes. A length of 3 meter long rubber tubing with pinch cock is also supplied. SERVICES REQUIRED • Table for set-up support.

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Specifications: The lower specimen grip is mounted on a disc which rotates freely. The soil sample is mounted on the lower specimen grip and the upper grip is firmly seated on top of the specimen. The vertical guide can be adjusted to control the depth of cut. While trimming the lower disc is rotated by hand. Supplied complete with a wire saw, trimming knife, pairs of gripper plates for 38mm dia, 50mm dia, 75mm dia & 100mm dia specimen.

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Price: 15000 INR

Complete with 19mm Vane, range o to 120 kpa, 33mm vane, range o to 28 kpa, Spanners and carrying case. Accessories: Extra rod 300mm long, Extra rod 1000mm long.

Product Image (SMA-41)


Price: 25000 INR

Proving Rings, from 50kg to 1,00,000kg capacity provided ½ inch B.S.F. female threads Loading bosses and a loading ball nipple and steel ball are supplied with each ring. Rings of capacity over 25000kg (or 25 Tonnes) are not thus threaded. Each ring is individually calibrated and supplied with works calibration chart and a carrying case. Calibration Charts from Standard Laboratories for the Proving Rings ordered are also avaiLable at extra cost. All Proving Rings are Integral Type. Integral type compressive Proving Rings of different capacities from 50kgf to 200000 kgf are avaiLable. (a) Above cap. 50 to 500kgf ., (b) Above cap. 500 to 3000kgf ., (c) Above cap. 3000 to 5000kgf ., (d) Above cap. 5000 to 10000kgf ., (e) Above cap. 10000 to 20000kgf ., (f) Above cap. 20000 to 30000kgf ., (g) Above cap. 30000 to 50000kgf

Product Image (SMA-44)

STATIC CONE PENETROMETER 3000 kg (hand operated)

Price: 30000 INR

Spares & Accessories: Steel cone, 60 degree, base area. Mantle tube 36mm uniform O,D working length 1 meter with sounding rod. Mantle tube 36mmO.D at the ends and reduced dia. in between with sounding rod. Working length 1 meter. Pressure gauge 6 inch dia. 0-10kg/cm.sq. in 0.1 kg/cm.sq. divisions. Sampler to go with the above equipment. Friction jacket for Friction Ratio.

Product Image (SMA-50)


Price: 15000 INR

This can be used in drilling operations to increase the footage and improved job safety. Specifications Consists of three metal pipe legs approximately 5 meter long connected by a tie bolt. Each leg is made of two parts for ease of transport. Complete with one pulley. One leg has built in ladder.

Product Image (SMA-31)

Miniature Compaction Apparatus (ABBOT Type)

Price: 4000 INR

Specification: It consists of a metal cylindrical tube having 50mm I.D and 435 mm height, a detachable base plate and a cap are provided for this tube. 8. nos. 1.5 mm dia. holes equallyspaced are drilled at a height of 100mm from the base of the tube. A metal rammer 48mm dia. x 48.5 mm in height is attached to a metallic rod with knob, so as to have a combined height of about 550 mm and a total weight of 2.6kg. This rammer is adjusted for a free fall of 310mm. The graduations in millimeters and centimeters are marked on this rod, to coin side with zero (0) of the scale with the cap of the tube. Graduation are marked downward 0 to 8 cm with millimeter divisions. Plate has internal diameter of 50mm dia. OD of 140 mm and height of 25mm is supplied with flange and wing nuts for easily introducing soil sample and removing it.

Product Image (SMA-24)


Price: 15000 INR

Designed to find out specific gravities of Semi Liquids like mud and other liquids having densities in the range 0.8 to 25. It has a Stainless Steel bam calibrated specific gravities from 0.8 to 2.5. A stainless steel cup with lid and overflow vent is fitted on one side of the beam. A counter weight with cursor slides over the graduated scale. The beam has a knife edge at centre which rests in fulcrum fitted in the stand. Leveling screws and spirit level are fitted dot the stand.

Product Image (SMA-20)


Price: 12000 INR

Spares: Casagrande grooving tool. ASTM Grooving tool, Height block, 1cm high

Product Image (SMA-22)


Price: 10000 INR

This cone is used to find out Viscosity of Bentinite slurry and like material. The Marsh Cone ix 6 inch in diameter at the top and 12 inch long, and tapers to join a tube 2 inch ling and 3/16 inch inside dia. The capacity of the funnel is 1500cc. Time in seconds required to flow out 1000 cc of slurry from cone is measured as funnel viscosity of the material.

Product Image (SMA-23)


Price: 15000 INR


Product Image (SMA- 30 )


Price: 6000 INR

A direct reading scale is engraved on the piston barrel and indicates load in kg./sq/cm/ A maximum load indicator ring is provided on the penetration plunger. The calibrated spring is heat treated and plated for rust resistance. The barrel diameter is 20mm and the length 150mm. Supplied in storage box.

Product Image (SMA-17)


Price: 2000 INR


Product Image (SMA- 16 )


Price: 22000 INR

Specifications: Set consists of one each:- Porcelain evaporating Dish., Shrinkage Dish., Glass Sup., Perspex Plate with three metal prongs., Perspex plate., Flexible spatula., Glass cylinder 25ml x 0.5ml, supplied without mercury. Optional accessories: Mercury supplied in bottle of 500 gms lied in bottle of 500 gms.

Product Image (SMA-19)


Price: 15600 INR

Specifications: It consists of a brass cup held on an adjustable bracket. The cup can be adjusted for a fall of 1cm and cam be raised and dropped on a rubber base of standard hardness by cam action. Complete with one casagrande grooving tool, one ASTM Grooving tool and a heigh gauge block (Type A of IS 9259)

Product Image (SMA-21)


Price: 30000 INR

Specifications: The apparatus consists of a sliding panel which moves up and down by means of a screw allowing Anderson pipette fixed to it tube raised or lowered vertically. A sedimentation tube is held by a Laboratory clamp provided on the stand below the pipette. The depth of immersion is measured by a scale graduated in mm at the side of the sliding panel. Supplied complete with Anderson pipette 10ml. at eh side capacity made from glass, and a sedimentation tube also of glass of 500ml capacity and 50 Nos Test forms. Accessories & Spares: 1) Sedimentation pipette (Anderson pipette) 25ml., 2) Sedimentation tube 1000ml., 3) Sedimentation pipette 10ml., 4) Sedimentation tube 500 ml., 5) Test forms pad of 50.

Product Image (SMA-25)


Specifications: The complete apparatus consists one each of: Small Sand Pouring cylinder, 3 liter capacity, fitted with conical funnel and shutter. Cylinder calibrating container, internal dia. 10 cm and internal depth 15cm, fitted with a flange, Metal tray, 31cm. square and 4 cm deep with a 10cm dia. hole in the centre. Accessories: Metal tray, 30cm square and 4cm deep without hole. Test forms pad of 50. Note: Sand poring cylinder large as per IS 2720 (P-XXVII) also avaiLable.

Product Image (SMA-27)


Price: 30000 INR

For determining the permeability characteristics of soils, solidified soils rock cores, high pressure permeability studies can be carried out. The complete outfit comprises:- Mould 50mm diameter x 100mm high and collar, top plate, Base Plate with recess for porous stone and porous stone indicator pipette, 6mm x 300mm x 300mm long. Reservoir tank fitted with 7kg/cm gauge, valves, flow control regulator and foot pump.

Product Image (SMA-28)


Price: 35000 INR

Specifications: It is a motor driven mechanical compactor useful for soil compaction into 100mm or 150mm diameter moulds. Two sets of rammers are provided, one of 2.6 and arranged for 310mm. drop and other 4.9kg and arranged for 450mm fall. For compaction soil into 150mm dia. moulds, 100mm face dia. rammers having weight .6kg and 4.89 kg are used. Where as for 100 mm dia. moulds they are of 50mm dia. The rammer assembly is provided with a ratchet and pawl arrangement to lift it from the top of the soil layer. When the rammer reaches the required height the pawl release the rammer which falls freely in soil surface. The release mechanism is operated by an arm moving up and down which is connected to a reduction gear coupled to the motor through another arm. An automatic blow counter fitted to the compactor is used to set the number of blows. The base plate of the specimen mould is to fitted to the rotating base plate of the th instrument which make 1/5 revolution per stroke. The equipment is suitable for operation on 230Volts, 50 cycles,single phase, A.C. supply. Mould are to be ordered separately

Product Image (SMA-26)


Price: 10000 INR

Specifications: It consists one each of: Cylindrical core cutter made of steel, 127.3mm long and 100m internal diameter. Steel Dolley, 25mm high with a lip to enable it to be located on top of the core cutter. Rammer with detachable steel rod. Spare, Optional Extra. Accessories: 1) Cylindrical core cutter 100mm I.D x 175mm long., 2) Cylindrical core cutter 100mm I.D. x 175mm long. 3) Cylindrical core cutter 100mm I.D x 175 mm long., 4) Dolley., 5) Test form pad 50.

Product Image (SMA-32)


Price: 3000 INR

To determine moisture contents in soil and other material. These are made from aluminum or stainless steel. Sizes avaiLable are (a) 25 mm dia., (b) 50 mm dia., (C) 75 mm dia., (d)., 80 mm dia. and (e) 100 mm dia.

Product Image (SMA-33)


Price: 500 INR

Specifications: Comprises a 1 kg glass jar with brass cone, locking ring and rubber seal. Capacity : 1000 cc Spare: rubber seal.

Product Image (SMA-38)


Price: 3000 INR

When conducting triaxial tests on soil samples, it is observed that due to internal pressure, the cell expands, soil specimen consolidates resulting in the change of volume change Gauge is therefore devised to accurately measure volume changes. This is measured by observing the quantity of water entering or leaving the cell as the cell pressure and axial load are changed it is achieved by the displacement of free surface between the water supplied to the cell and another fluid (Paraffin of kerosene). A dye is added to the paraffin for clear demarcation of the interface. The unit consist of a glass graduated tube of the appropriate capacity graduated to parts of a ml. enclosed in a perpex tube sealed by two end caps. The unit is fitted with manifolds and valves which enable it to be sued with the triaxial cell and the constant pressure (Mercury controls) system. The cell pressure can either be directly applied to the cell from the constant pressure system or through the volume change gauge. The graduated glass tube is not subjected to any difference in pressure and its inside is coated with a layer of silicon water repellent to reduce the error in meniscus. There is an arrangement for filling the unit with water and paraffin and a drainage valve is provided in the lower end cap. The whole assembly is mounted on a panel suitable for wall mounting. The unit is supplied complete with a pressure hose with end couplings and a packet of dye.

Product Image (SMA- 34)


Price: 30000 INR

Specifications: The standard outfit comprises of the following items. Loading unit, maximum capacity 20 kg/cm sq. having a loading yoke connected to a lever arm with a counter balancing adjustment and having a lever ration of 1:1, the whole assembly being mounted on a sturdy steel frame stand. The loading unit is so designed that it can be used for consolidation cells of different diameters as well as different dia floating ring type consolidation cells. Fixed ring type consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for testing 60mm dia. x 20mm thick specimen comprising: Fixed ring for specimens 60mm x dia. 20mm. thick with guide ring. Top and Bottom Porous stones for 60mm dia. specimens. Perforated Pressure pad, Channelled base with water inlet and Gasket. Flanged Water Jacket, water reservoir with plastic tube and pinch cock. Set of weights to give a pressure of 10kg/cm.sq. on 60mm dia. specimen, comprising: 7nos. 0.05 kg/, 5Nos. 0.1 kg/, 6Nos. 0.2kg/ and 5 Nos. 1.0kg/ Supplied complete as above but without dial gauge. Accessories: Dial Gauge 0.002mm x 10mm. Extension piece, 40 mm long. Test forms pad of 50 for Consolidation Test Plot” Test forms pad of 50 for one Dimensional Consolidation. Optical Extras: Varying head stand pipe, 50cms. Long with mm. scale. Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 50mm dia. x 20 mm thick specimens complete with fixed ring guide ring, pair or porous stones, perforated pressure pad, channeled base, gasket and flanged water jacket. Set of weights to give a pressure of 10kg/, on 50 cm. dia specimens. Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 70mm dia. x 20 mm thick specimens complete with accessories as above. Set of weights to give a pressure of 10kg/ on 70mm. dia. specimen. Fixed ring type of consolidometer (Odeometer) cell assembly for 100 mm dia. x 25 mm thick specimens complete with accessories as above. Set of weights to give a pressure of 10kg/ 100 mm dia. specimens.

Product Image (SMA- 35)


Price: 35000 INR

Shear Box Assembly: Comprising Direct Shear box in two halves for a square specimen size 60 x 60 x 25 mm one pair of plain gripper plates, one pair or perforated gripper plates, one pair or porous stones, one top loading pad. Shear box housing: Accommodates the Direct Shear Box assembly. Complete with two ball roller strips. Specimen Cutter: For cutting 60 x 60 x 25 mm specimen from larger samples. Set of weights to give a normal stress of 3 kg/

Product Image (SMA-37)


Price: 30000 INR

To make process of sieving simpler and quicker, Rotap Sieve Shaker is useful. This produces circular shaking of the sieves. At the same time the sieves are tapped. The mechanism for in parting circular action and a tapping is oil immersed in a tank and a motorized. The shaker can accommodate upto 7 Nos. Sieves of dia. 150mm or 200mm. Suitable operation on 230Volts A.C. Single phase.

Product Image (SMA-18)


Price: 15000 INR

motor type stirrer

Product Image (SMA- 15 )

Plastic Limit Set

Price: 20000 INR

Specifications: The complete set consists of one each:- 1. Glass plate 20cm x 115cm having ground ends and one side frosted., 2. Brass of stainless steel rod 3mm dia. x 150mm long., 3. Flexible spatula., 4. Set of 6 moisture containers. , 5. Porcelain basin 150mm dia., 6. Plastic wash bottle 500ml.


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